Six friends embark on a weekend getaway only to find a mountain with an ancient secret. Can they escape its clutches?

* This game is currently in early access and may change over time. Donations help support updates and development of new games.


  • Click or touch the screen/text to advance the story/select choice
  • Long press the text box for 1 sec to activate autoscroll
  • Long press outside the text box for 3 sec to access the options menu


  • Space or Return to advance the story
  • Arrow keys to select choice
  • Return to confirm choice
  • Control to toggle autoscroll on/off
  • Alt/Opt to access the options menu

Average first story length: 1.5 hours

Current Version: 0.9.7 (Last update: January 11, 2022)

Download size: 13 MB

Requires third party cookies to be enabled for saving to work.

Safari browser is not recommended.

Development log


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You've heard of New Game+, but have you seen Continue+? Check out this new mode in Pryzm that can help you on your escape in the devlogs!

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A tutorial on the combat system has been published in the development logs. Check it out to learn some tricks to survive.

hey, the 'true pryzm' mode breaks when it's meant to fade to lindsays pov

May I know which part exactly? Can you describe what happens in more detail? Thank you.

so i've played through the regular game twice, and that's been fine. however, starting a true pryzm game, you play through kyle's pov, and get the phone call from lindsay, and then the screen fades to black and - i assume like the regular game lindsay is meant to wake up? but instead the screen just goes black and all sound stops and nothing responds; not clicking or option or the return key.  i've tried each of the 'options' kyle can go through (staying with ann then running, staying with ann, or convincing her to leave) and all of them result in that unresponsive black screen, where it's impossible to continue from there. 

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OK, I've updated a new build. Please refresh the browser so you get the new updates. Let me know if it works now.

it's working now! thank you! great game by the way!

the fact that the story mechanism required some of the same ... units? clarity? as the combat was deeply nerve wracking. i got really involved in the story - great job! will probably play it again sometime to see if i can do better! 

great jobs story