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Have you survived the Przym or are you still trapped in it? Either way, you may have been wondering what the Continue+ option does.

If you've ever played A Red Sky at Dawn (also available on Itch), you'll notice that every new game changes certain parameters making each story a little different. Pryzm takes this to another level with even more parameters. However, it offers players some help if they find it too difficult. This is where Continue+ comes in.

This mode only appears just after you complete an entire game or get a game over. Selecting it puts you back into the game at the start of the second act while retaining every parameter from the previous game. So if you discovered a path that gave you a bonus item or a quicker way to avoid enemies previously, those paths are still the same in Continue+! This will allow you to better plan how to make it to the ending and possibly achieve a better rank. Hindsight is indeed 20/20. And you get an increase in starting clarity too, effectively making every Continue+ easier and easier.

Do note that starting a New Game will make this option disappear. Why would you do this instead of using Continue+? Because many of the parameters of the game are actually set by your choices in the first act, so you may want to start a new game to re-arrange the parameters based on your goals. Also, you need to start a new game to access True Pryzm mode if you unlocked it.

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