True Pryzm Mode

Based on the statistics to date, 57% of players have made it out of the Pryzm. Those of you did and achieved a rank of B and above will also notice that True Pryzm mode becomes unlocked in New Game. What does this mode do? In short, Normal mode was merely the tutorial to get you familiarized with the game mechanics and True Pryzm is the real difficulty of the game.

Changes in this mode include:

  • Lower starting clarity
  • Aggressive enemies that deal more damage
  • New enemy types
  • Player HP does not restore after every battle
  • Hints are all turned off
  • Certain enemies carry more innate clarity to absorb
  • New paths that can lead to a new ending
  • Ability to achieve rank S

True Pryzm will test all that you've learnt from Normal mode and challenge the strategy that you will follow. There is more than one way to make it out and it is dependent on what you are trying to achieve. Are you merely trying to escape? Are you trying to save the certain survivors? Are you aiming for the fastest completion time? Or are you going for the best rank of S? Whatever it is, give this mode a try when you're ready.

Note: Continue+ works for True Pryzm as well, but there is only one Continue+ active at any time. So starting a New Game in Normal will wipe the one for True Pryzm and vice versa.

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