O (2022 Remake) Released

O was originally released as my second interactive webcomic back in 2019. The 2022 remake of Forgetting made me wonder how O could also get a similar treatment. While the overall goal remains the same, there are enough story, graphical, and mechanical changes that make it almost like a new game.

With this big overhaul, I am finally able to realize a more complete version I could not accomplish three years ago. All my existing narrative titles now share a consistent and unified style. Together with Charlie Lim's soundtrack, O is now the cozy adventure it should be. It's quite different from my other works and provides a much calmer, no-stress experience.

New features include:

  • 1080p vertical resolution
  • New dialogue, choices, paths, and endings
  • A new hint system within the story by visiting the fortune teller - go find her if you are stuck

And for the first time, the game is now available for download on desktop! If you like it, get the full version to gain access to:

  • Save functionality so you can take your time (and also get an important hint for a certain puzzle)
  • 3 more endings, including a secret one that has yet to be solved by most

The web version (with less features) will continue to remain free for everyone to play.

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